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Challenge and Solution


Employing more than 2,000 people, West Nippon Expressway Service Kansai primarily engages in toll collection services for expressways [which are constructed and managed by West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. (NEXCO-West), Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd., Osaka Prefectural Road Public Corporation, and Kyoto Prefectural Road Public Corporation].

Its toll collection operations cover the whole area of 6 prefectures in the Kinki region (129 tollgates). When the company introduced the Meister Certification Program* to enhance the skills and motivation of toll collectors as well as customer satisfaction, it implemented our learning management system (LMS) to conduct examinations for the certification program.

Before implementing our LMS, the company had the following problems in giving examinations to toll collectors who work unusual schedules at various locations.

◆Difficulty of providing group training
◆Time consuming
◆High cost
◆Increased administrative work

To solve these problems, the company used our e-learning system to conduct examinations and plans to hold examinations on a regular basis.

We met with Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Baba from NEXCO-West and asked them what they thought about our e-learning system.

*The Meister Certification Program is a joint system implemented by NEXCO-West and West Nippon Expressway Service Kansai. Leaders, chiefs, and staff members who have been employed by the company for more than a year are eligible to take the certification test. Examinees taking the test, covering customer service etiquette, toll schedules, etc., may achieve one of three certification levels (gold, silver, and bronze) along with a pay raise. Awarding those passing the examination with a certificate, badge, and special Meister allowance, the program aims to increase employees' motivation and skills.

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Case Studies