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Globis provides personnel training solutions that help corporations solve forefront business issues they face both in Japan and overseas. In addition to “group training sessions” as well as “on-campus” programs (at the Globis University Graduate School of Management, Globis Executive School, and Globis Management School), the company offers an extensive range of learning opportunities, including e-learning. Globis University Graduate School of Management has 5 campuses across Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka) and is the country's largest school that offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

Globis used to use a multimedia platform known as Flash to create its e-learning content. Flash can make text and graphics move and turn a web page into a video. It offers a higher degree of operability than other platforms. The drawback is that Flash-based content cannot be displayed on some devices like smartphones and tablets that have exploded into the market in recent years.

In response to Globis' needs for making its e-learning content available for various types of devices, we revamped the Flash-based content and made it viewable on multiple devices without compromising its outstanding operability.

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